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Den Building - 100 days of playWhen I heard about “100 Days of Play” blog hop being hosted by the wonderful Sun Scholars and Life at the Zoo I was really keen to take part. The idea is such a simple one yet such a valuable one! 100 blogs from across the globe are linking up from 1st April to 9th July to share easy play ideas using things that we’ll already have in our homes. Play ideas that we can quickly fit in to our busy lifestyles and do with our children.

It is so easy with the demands of modern lives to be happy when the little ones are busy and engaged with something but often that can be without us parents participating. So I personally loved the idea of a daily reminder to me to leave my piles of washing, ironing and vacuuming and make sure that I really spend some time each day giving my wholehearted attention to my children. The chores will still be there later but this particular day and time in their childhood won’t, so I must take the time to put the rest of life on hold and to savour it.

It was difficult narrowing down ideas to share to just one. I chopped and changed my mind a few times but finally decided that for my play post I  would share DEN BUILDING. It’s something from my childhood that I fondly remember doing and something that I love to do with my own children too.Make a fun fort, easy imaginative play for kids.

For me and my little ones it’s not the actual resulting DEN that gives so much satisfaction. For us it is the working on something together. The laughing when it all collapses and we have to start again. The shuffling and wriggling as we try to find a space to sit next to 50 cuddly toys and the pet cats that have been invited in. The treasured moments of sharing a closeness, of sharing a cosiness, of sharing a sense of togetherness, love and family that comes from huddling together under a sheet!

Here's another really simple DEN made by hanging sheets and blankets over 4 chairs.A great place for a tickle and a picnic!
Here’s another really simple DEN made by hanging sheets and blankets over 4 chairs.
A great place for a tickle and a picnic!

 So grab some sheet and blankets and throw them over the table, or between a few chairs, or over the washing line and snuggle in with a snack and some story books and ENJOY.

We Hope You Have Lots Of Fun With Our Simple Play Idea.

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  1. Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

    Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the clothes line, I hope it works out for you. It’s great fun trying even if it all falls apart! :-)

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