Five Currant Buns Song Resources

Songs are great fun for little ones and a super way to support the language and communication objectives of the Early Years Foundation Stage. I particularly love the traditional nursery rhyme Five Currant Buns because it introduces early maths, shape and money concepts too.

Children will love to help make these easy, quick and cheap Five Currant Bun song resources. They make a super homemade addition to their let’s pretend toys and the large printable pennies are great for little hands. (They could easily be adapted for Hot Cross Buns too.)Easy to make 5 Currant Buns song resources. - great for bringing the song to life, early math skills and imaginative play.

How To Make Five Currant Buns Song Resources

Supplies To Make Toy Currant Buns

  • 1 pair of old brown tights
  • old newspaper or brown parcel paper (If the tights are thin then you’ll want brown paper as it will show through. I used thick opaque tights so the colour of the paper didn’t show through.)
  • Black permanent marker pen
  • Red pompoms, buttons or beads for the cherries
  • Glue or thread to secure the cherries
  • Optional – plastic cake cases (I got mine from the Pound Shop, they were 4 for a pound and marketed as ‘Ice Cream Bowls’)
  • 2 Printable Pennies sheets

How To Make Toy Currant Bun Play Resources

Five Currant Buns Song Resources
Five Currant Buns Song Resources.
Choose pompoms, beads or buttons for the cherries.

For the 5 Current Buns

  1. Cut off each leg of the tights and snip off the very end of the toes so that you are left with two long tubes.
  2. Divide each leg tube into 3 equal pieces. (It doesn’t have to be absolutely exact so don’t bother measuring it out, just do it roughly by eye.)
  3. Screw up a piece of news paper or parcel paper into a tight ball and wrap further sheets of paper around that one until you have the desired size for your current bun. (Make sure it fits into your cake cases if you’re using them.)
  4. Insert the paper ball into a tights tube and tie the two ends together tightly. Cut off any excess tights material. The tie will be hidden at the bottom of your current bun.
  5. Dot the permanent marker all over the ball to make the currants.
  6. Making sure the tie is underneath position your cherry on the top of the bun and secure into place.If you are using pompoms for your cherries glue them on. If you are using buttons or beads then sew them into place. (To make Hot Cross Buns instead just leave off the cherry and draw a cross on the top.)
  7. Pop the bun into its plastic cake case if you’re using them and repeat with the other 4 buns.
Five Currant Buns Song Resources
Five Currant Buns Song Resources.
Giant printable pennies, great for little hands.

For the Giant Pennies

  1. Print off 2 sheets of Printable Pennies.
  2. Cut out the penny front and backs and glue them together. (These can be strengthened by either sticking them onto card or laminating.

Here’s the song incase you need a reminder. It’s a lovely song for encouraging children to listen for their name and take turns to come and buy a currant bun and of course they can play the role of both baker and customer.

Five Currant Buns Song Resources- lyrics

 Easy to make 5 Currant Buns song resources. - great for bringing the song to life,  early math skills and imaginative play.

(Many thanks to two of my lovely work collegues- Jane for letting me pinch her currant buns idea and Kathy for inspiring me to photocopy coins-something I’d never have thought of trying!

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  1. Paula Knight says

    What a lovely resource, off to find the ice cream containers, which £1 shop did you get them from please? x

  2. Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

    Hi Paula, my local pound shop is Poundland. Fingers crossed there’s one near you.(If you can’t find any then silicone baking cases would work just as well but would be smaller.)

  3. says

    Thanks for this lovely idea. Been using felt cut outs and real coins but your printouts are much better and I’m sure my class will prefer your resources.


    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      Thank you PinkLiz. I work with children across a wide age range and they’ve all loved playing with these. It’s great that they’re soooo easy to put together. :-)

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