Home Made Cookie Cutters

I recently won a prize of lots of wonderful sugar pastes from Sugar and Crumbs. I wanted to use them to make some wintery penguin biscuits but didn’t have any penguin shaped cutters so I made my own.

Easily Make Cookie Cutters

Supplies For Homemade Cookie CuttersHomemade Cookie Cutters - make any shape you like.

  • 1 large plastic bottle
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • sticky-tape
  • thin wire

How To Make Homemade Cookie Cutters

1. Cut off the top and bottom of the bottle so you are left with a tube.
2. Cut the tube in half lengthways.

Cut the bottle lengthways.

3. Cut the bottle in to strips about 2.5cm wide.
cut the bottle into strips.Cut the whole bottle into strips.

4. Staple 2 strips together to make a long strip.
Staple 2 strips together.

5. Lay your strip out flat and tape a piece of wire along the middle of the complete length of the plastic.
Sticky tape the wire along the length of the strip.

6. Using your paper template, bend your wired strip to the desired shape.
Here is our  free printable template for penguin shaped cutters.
Bend the cutters around the templates

7. Tape the ends of the strip together once you’ve made your desired shape.

 Here’s how our penguin cookies looked when they were finished. How cute!Cute Penguin Biscuits

My boys loved making different penguin characters.

You can find our tasty penguin biscuit recipe here.

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