My Children Made Me Cry Today

My little boys made me cry today. Happy tears, grateful tears, amazed tears, humbled tears.

I’d asked them what made a ‘Super Hero’ and who their ‘Super Hero’ was. Neither of my boys are particularly into comic book characters like Batman, Spider Man or Super Man so I knew those probably wouldn’t figure in their answers. They both love sport and watched the Olympics and Paralympics avidly over the summer and they still spend hours pouring over various Olympic books and re-enacting races, swimming on their bellies across the living room carpet or racing in the local park. So I had expected the likes of Usain Bolt and Ellie Simmonds to figure highly on their lists.

I wasn’t expecting the answers I got. Here they are…

Biscuit aged 9 writing about his Super Hero
Biscuit aged 9, writing about his super hero brother.
Crumb My Super Hero Brother by Biscuit aged 9
Crumb My Super Hero Brother by Biscuit aged 9
Crumb aged 7, writing about his super hero brother.
Crumb aged 7, writing about his super hero brother.
Biscuit My Super Hero Brother by Crumb aged 7
Biscuit My Super Hero Brother by Crumb aged 7

You can see why I was reduced to tears can’t you? Having a child with a disability can change your whole way of life. There have been many times in the past when the road we have had to travel felt new, unknown, scary and exhausting. But that new, unknown, unexpected road became our road. It may not be the road I thought we’d be on when I’d envisaged our future with Cupcake studying for her exams, Biscuit toddling beside me and Crumb still wriggling in my belly. But it has become our road, an amazing road, a happy road, a family’s road…and I am emotional that the two young boys appreciate the journey that it’s been and what they have in each other.

Now I’m running off to get the tissues because that’s set me off again!

(Quickly before I go and wipe my eyes and blow my nose I have promised Biscuit that I would explain to readers that although Crumb has drawn him looking like an actual biscuit with a round face and brown skin, he does not in real life resemble a digestive in any manner shape or form.)

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    • Emma (My Little 3 and Me) says

      Awww, bless you, you must be as sentimental and soppy as me! Being a parent does that to you doesn’t it and to parent a child with special needs, as well you know, really drives home the importance of the little things. Thanks for taking the time to comment and good luck to your little one’s entry too. I think our boys are super heroes! x

    • Emma (My Little 3 and Me) says

      Do you know, I’d never heard of that phrase before! So thanks for commenting, I’ve learnt something new today. :-)

  1. says

    Some times we think they are too young to understand then they do something like this and let us know they understand more than we think, precious moments. x

  2. says

    Oh my gosh you just made me cry too! I just nominated you as best craft in the BiBs and was scrolling through looking for a favourite post (because they want to know your entire life story the buggers!) Now I have to put this one, which isn’t craft at all!!!!

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      Wow, Actually Mummy, I’m very flattered thankyou so much :-))) With a title like this blog post’s associated with a craft blog they’ll be thinking I’ve had a creative melt down lol 😉

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