My Twitter Prize

Twitter was a load of old quack and nonsense to me until a few short weeks ago and having worked out how to get myself a Twitter profile I came across a competition run by Sugar and Crumbs a Manchester based company offering super baking supplies. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out I’d won and just look at my wonderful prize…what a hoard of sugar pastes and sprinkles.

How lucky am I? A huge, huge thanks to Sugar and Crumbs.

Sugar and Crumb Prize
My Wonderful Prize From Sugar and Crumbs

This prize has arrived in perfect time to help me with my New Year’s resolution to make at least one new thing to eat every week for the year. I feel that I am stuck in a rut in the kitchen and have a tendency to cook the same things again and again. I love baking and crafty activities with my children and I think this hoard will give me lots of inspiration.

I’ve already had my first ‘play’ with the sugar pastes today and with the help of my own Biscuit (aged 9) and Crumb (aged 7) we made some really cute and tasty penguin biscuits. Do go and have a look at our penguin biscuit recipe, we’re really proud of them as we’ve never used sugar pastes before.

Penguin Biscuits
Penguin Biscuits

I sound like an advert I know but I have to say that even as a complete novice they were a dream to handle, the colours are rich and vibrant, they taste delicious (my now empty biscuit tin bears witness to that) and I’m delighted with the results. One of the things I really liked about them was that I could roll them really thinly and they still kept their shape and were easily handled; it meant that the biscuits looked fun for the children but didn’t fill them up with too much sugar.

So thanks again Sugar and Crumbs you have just sparked off a whole new area of kitchen fun for me and my little ones.

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