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I do love my house. I live in a mid-terrace town house and have been here for about 10 years now. It’s got a few period features which is what made me fall in love with it in the first place. I love the ceiling coving, the tiled fireplace, the quirky archway on the landing outside the loo and the 2 remaining panels of stained glass in my living room window. Our house is on quite a steep hill and I love driving home on a winter evening with the little ones in the back of the car because as we drive down the hill, they shout “Hello City!” as it lies sprawled and twinkling in front of us.

I love that my two youngest have grown up here and the house holds lots of memories, like the time when little Biscuit at the age of two ran ahead of me along the landing into my bedroom, banged the door shut and slid across the old rusty lock in the wink of an eye, leaving me stuck on the other side of the door! On the plus side a handsome young firefighter had to come and knock the door through in a very manly fashion to release my toddler, who found the whole episode delightfully exciting and who happily got to have a look around the fire engine too.

Much as I love my house and the memories it holds, my children have grown and would now dearly love a garden. We have a tiny bit of outside space, just enough for a few plant pots and a couple of chairs. It was fine while they were toddlers but now they want to run, jump, play football, build dens and all manner of little boy things and we just don’t have the outside space for it. There is a local park but sadly it is used by some irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

We’d all love a garden, not a huge one as I think we’d struggle to maintain it, but some grass for starters, I do love the feel of grass under bare feet on a warm summer day. I’d love to be able to have enough space for a little vegetable plot, nothing grand, just a couple of rows of carrots and lettuce, so the youngsters can learn about caring for them. My youngest, Crumb, would like the space for a paddling pool in the summer, Biscuit aged 9 would like to be able to play sports with his friends and my oldest, Cupcake, would simply like enough space to lie down and sunbathe with her friends.

I sound really greedy now I know, but not only would I like a garden but I’d love to be out of the city too and in a quieter village location. Somewhere where the songs of birds aren’t drowned out by the constant roar of traffic, somewhere where the air smells cleaner.

I’ve been pondering a move for a while now and it inevitably means looking at mortgages and then the process of applying for one and the lengthy hunt for my dream home.  People say that buying a new home is one of the most stressful events we put ourselves through but from where I’m standing it’s also a very exciting one. Full of hope and newness and that’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it?

I’ve had a few chats with my children about the idea of moving and they are quite keen, mostly. I am a bit worried about their expectations though. Here’s a picture of Crumb’s ideal garden. He’s hoping for a swimming pool with a massive water slide and 4 diving boards. He’d also like 1,000m circular hurdles track (we need to work on his numbering!) and a 100m running track!

Crumb's Dream Garden
Crumb’s Dream Garden

My 9 year old’s ideal garden was a bit more reserved with a slide, swing and tree house, but then came the swimming pool and tennis court! Oh dear!

Biscuit's Dream Garden
Biscuit’s Dream Garden

My children are most definitely ‘thinking big’, but who knows what the future will hold? Today I’m dreaming of a white picket fence, a  pet dog, a swing under an apple tree, tomatoes growing lazily in a greenhouse, a bubbling brook and a mother duck and her brood popping by to quack hello at breakfast time. I’m sure it’s good to dream big but maybe I should start doing the lottery too!

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