Yarn Covered Vase Or Desk Tidy

This Pretty Vase is so quick and easy to make.  We think it’s really versatile too and would make a great present for your little ones to make and share, perhaps for Mother’s Day as a pretty flower vase, or Father’s Day as a desk tidy. It makes great use of your old glass jars and helps children learn about caring for the environment too.

We’ve used our Pretty Vase to bring the outside in and display our Spring daffodils that seem to be so late to open this year because of the cold! The little ones have also made one using different coloured wool and yarn as a birthday gift for their Dad to use in his office.

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How To Make A Pretty Vase Or A Desk Tidy

Supplies To Make A Colourful Vase Or Desk Tidy

  • A clean and dry glass jar. (From your coffee or jam for example.)
  • White Glue
  • Wool
  • Scissors

How To Make A Yarn Covered Vase Or Desk Tidy

  1. Cut lengths of wool about the size of your outstretched arm span. (Any longer and it can get a bit tricky to manage.)
  2. Tip the jar upside down and start at the base, which is now at the top.
  3. You need to spread glue all around the outside of the jar for the wool to stick to but we’re going to do it in sections of about 3 cm to make it manageable and so it doesn’t dry out.  So spread glue around the first 3 cm of your jar.
  4. Take a length of wool and start at the bottom of the jar (now at the top), hold the end in place with a gentle push of your finger and wind the rest of the wool round the jar. Experiment to find the easiest way for you. We found that holding the wool still with one hand and rotating the jar with the other worked best for us. Remember to hold the unglued section of the jar for turning or you’ll end up in a sticky mess!Easily Make a Pretty Vase.
  5. When you get to the end of your wool piece, after 4 or 5 rotations, gently push the strands together to close up any little gaps.
  6. Repeat the process with your next piece of wool starting where your last piece finished.
  7. When you get half way down your jar you’ll probably find it easier to turn it back up the right way and continue working from the bottom to the top. That way you’ll be able to hold on to the unglued top half easily for turning.
  8. Carry on until you’ve covered the whole jar and set aside to dry.

You can try endless versions of this idea using different shapes and sizes of jar and different wools, yarns, fabrics and ribbons. An easy craft to create a Pretty Vase for anywhere in the house.

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