Bead and Pasta Hearts

We love creating homemade Mother’s Day gifts and this year we’ve been making these gorgeous hanging bead or pasta hearts. They can be made in a range of sizes and are really simple for even very young tots to help with. They look so pretty hanging anywhere, a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Teacher Appreciation Day.Bead Hearts - lovely gifts for kids to make.

How To Make A Bead Heart

Supplies for Bead Hearts

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How To Make Bead Hearts

  1. Decide how big you want your heart and cut a length of wire accordingly. remember to leave a little extra wire  for fastening.
    Homemade Mother's Day Gifts - Beaded and Pasta Hearts-Thread the beads onto the wire.
  2. Thread on your chosen beads until the wire is full except for the last couple of centimeters.
    Homemade Mother's Day Gifts - Beaded and Pasta Hearts-Fasten The Metal Ends
  3. Fold the wire in half to mark the bottom of the heart and then twist the two wire ends together tightly and snip off any excess wire.
  4. Bend the fastened ends towards the folded middle to form the heart shape.
    Homemade Mother's Day Gifts-bead and pasta hearts
  5. Hang your ribbon or thread over the twisted join and give your beautiful heart to someone you love.
Homemade Mother's Day Gifts - Bead and Pasta Hearts
Homemade Mother’s Day Gift – Pasta Heart

We also used the same method to make these pretty pasta hanging hearts too. Simply paint your pasta and allow to dry, then thread it onto the wire just as shown for the beaded heart above. I love these because they are truly homemade through and through and the children can choose or mix the colours they really want. We also found that the pasta was much lighter than the wooden beads so we could make much larger hearts without the wire losing its shape.

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