Incy Wincy Spider Play Resources

Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider is one of my favourite nursery rhymes and these easy to make Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider Play Resources really bring the nursery rhyme to life.

Nursery rhymes are often the first ‘stories’ we tell our children, singing them to our newborns and revisiting them again and again over the years. A simple play set helps add meaning and understanding to the words and gives lots of opportunities for story telling, re-enacting, improvisation and of course FUN! Come and take a look at all of our fun nursery rhyme crafts.Itsy Bitsy Spider Play Set - easy to make and great for bringing the nursery rhyme to life.

How To Make An Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider Play Set

Supplies To Make Itsy Bitsy Play Resources

  • Toilet roll or kitchen roll middles. (One for each spider.)
  • A large wide tube for a drain pipe/water-spout. (We used a poster tube cut in half.)(You could even use a section of real drain pipe.)
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Paint
  • Blue plastic refuse bag. (Our local hardware store sells them as “garden waste bags”.)
  • Scissors
  • Sticky Tape

How To Make An Itsy Bitsy Play Set

How To Make The Incy Wincy/ Itsy Bitsy Spiders

  1. We found it easiest to cut the spider’s fangs first. Cut up the tube to the height you want the fangs to starts and then make another cut, the same length, about a cm further round the tube. Pull the cut section forward and cut off the excess length and snip out the two fang shapes.
  2. Use the fangs as a marker at the front of the spider and opposite them at the back of the spider make another long cut up the spider to the same height as the fangs. This makes two equal sized pieces, one on either side of the fangs. You are going to divide each of these pieces into four to make the 8 legs. Simply do this by cutting each half into half and then half again, each time cutting from the bottom of the tube up to the height of the fangs.
  3. Pull the 8 legs outwards and fold to the desired position.
  4. Paint, allow to dry and stick on or paint on your eyes and smile.

How To make Itsy Bitsy’s Water Spout

  1. Cut an old poster tube to about a 40cm length.
  2. Paint on your weather design. We just chose clouds and raindrops but a sunshine and rainbows would look lovely too.

Let’s make it Rain On Poor Itsy Bitsy!

  1. The rainmaker is simply made from cutting open a plastic bag along one side seam and across the base seam so that it opens up to form a large rectangle.
  2. Cut up the long side of the plastic rectangle repeatedly to make lots of strips but don’t cut right to the top. Leave a section about 10cm intact at the top.
  3. Roll the intact 10cm strip up tightly to form a handle and stick it together securely by wrapping sticky tape around it.Itsy Bitsy Spider Play Set - easy to make and great for bringing the nursery rhyme to life.

Children will have great fun singing the Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider song and making the spiders climb up the water-spout. They can pop them in the middle, shake their rainmaker and watch them tumble down when the rain comes. A great way to develop early literacy, sequencing and story telling skills.Itsy Bitsy Spider Play Set - easy to make and great for bringing the nursery rhyme to life.We hope you have lots of fun with Incy Wincy / Itsy Bitsy Spider

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  1. says

    Oh, I totally love this! My son loves this nursery rhyme, in fact I just made a spider costume for him. :) I will definitely try this with my children.

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      Wouldn’t that be fab! I’d like pink fluffy spiders that move very slowly! Lol. :-)

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      Hi Kayla, I’m so pleased you like our idea. Links back to my site are always welcome 😉 thanks. Your site looks lovely too. Your children must have a blast with all your activities.

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