Jelly Tummy, Wibble, Wobble!

Are you thinking about treating yourself to some new swimwear this summer?  It’s something I need to do but I have to admit to finding it a loathsome task. I’m now in my forties and have had 3 children which has taken quite a toll on my body. My bum, thighs and tummy are certainly not where I left then when I was in my twenties! They now have a mind of their own and are slowly ambling southwards dancing along to one of my children’s favourite made up songs…Little horrors!

Mummy’s jelly  tummy,

Mummy’s jelly tummy.

Wibble , wobble, wibble wobble,

Mummy’s tummy is so funny!

I happily laugh about with my children as they poke and giggle at all my wobbly bits, but when it comes to chosing swimwear the laughs stop there. SIGH, it can be a bit depressing can’t it? At my age I feel I should be allowed a little ‘lived in’ spread don’t you think, but I don’t really want it wibbly wobbling around at the swimming pool for all to see. I draw the line at other people’s children joining in the chant!

As a nice comfy pair of joggy bottoms isn’t quite what I can get away with in the pool this summer I had to get looking for a swimsuit that would work a little magic.  I tried something completely new to me and went online to look at swimwear from Littlewoods. I was delighted with the range of bright and modern swimwear they had on offer, I think they’ll have something for everyone.

Aside from their great wide range there were 4 other things that I really liked about their site.

  1. They offer a pay weekly option so you can budget over a number of weeks rather than having to pay for everything in one go.
  2. A lot of their clothes have a video option with them so you don’t just have to look at a photograph, you can view a video and the model will do a full 360 degree turn so you can see the item from all angles and really get an idea of how it hangs.
  3. They have a free returns policy so you can order a few things to try and compare at home and easily keep your favourite and return the rest.
  4. This one I really loved….they have an online chat option. From 7am to 10pm you can actually chat to a Littlewoods representative in real-time to help you with all sorts of things but what I loved most is that they can help with styling advice too. How fab is that?

Online I spoke to Luke and he seemed really cheerful and helpful and very understanding about my wibbly wobbly situation. Here’s what I told him :

I’m a mum of 3 in my forties with a bottom, tummy and thighs that seem to have a life of their own. I need a swimsuit for a family holiday but want something that will help hide the wobbles and flab. We’ll be playing on the beach and going to a water park so I need something that won’t go flying off halfway down the waterside!  Can you advise on the best ones to look at?

Luke asked me about colour preferences and sizes and then picked out a couple for me to have a look at.

Tummy Control Panel Swimsuit From Littlewoods

I think this wraparound style would help emphasise curves in all the right places.

Tummy Control Panel Swimsuit From Littlewoods

I like the short style bottom half of this one and the cute cut away back.

We went on to talk about tankinis and sarongs too but I actually really like these first two choices with their tummy control panels to help even out my lumps and bumps. I think he did a really good job don’t you? You can see the full range of swimwear  from Littlewoods here.

It can be really useful to have someone’s help and guidance sometimes when buying clothes and I felt a bit like I had my own personal shopper. It’s definitely a service that I can see myself using in the future.

I teamed up with Littlewoods to write this post, but my thoughts and opinions on their products are all my own.

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  1. says

    Swimsuits like that always look more gorgeous on the models than they do on me :( Great post though! I’m definatley going to have a look into this swimwear xx <3

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      I know what you mean Louise, there is only so much help even a “magic” swimsuit with hidden support panels can do for me, lol, I’m never going to look like the 6 foot model in the picture! But they do have a great range to help me make the best of what I have got. I’m sure you’ll find something you like too.