Pre-School Fall Craft and Math Game

Who doesn’t just love Autumn with its mass of beautiful colours and being able to scrunch, scrunch, scrunch along in all those wonderful leaves?

And of course, Autumn’s full of so many learning opportunities for children of all ages too. Perhaps you’ll be exploring colours, shapes, patterns, seasons, hibernation or seed dispersal?

For the very young the magic of leaves falling from trees is very special and we’ve got a simple Fall craft to help you explore and chatter about this at home. This easy Fall craft doubles up as a great little maths game too.Make a fun and simple Fall Craft and Math Game for pre-schoolers.

I really felt this Fall craft and math game lent itself well to a video tutorial so I’ve had a go at making one. I hope you’ll bear with me as this video blog making is still very new to me and I’m on a steep learning curve! I am sorry but I’ve made a classic newbie error and made this video with the camera the wrong way round so I’m afraid the image is rather small, sorry!!! Hopefully it’s not too much a problem.

Big breath, here goes…

Looking for some tissue paper for this craft project? Here’s an associates link to a value pack you might like.

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    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      Thanks so much Kim I’m delighted that you found it useful to you and it’s great news that you like the video too. :-)

  1. Tirzah Biddinger says

    Could make it a game by standing, have one child blow while the others try to catch leaves with butterfly net. Most leaves win, or if more end up on floor than net, then the blower wins.

  2. Julia says

    I used this in my classroom! I numbered the leaves and had my kiddos put them in order. We worked in small groups and it turned into a fun game!

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      Thanks for that Julia, I love your ordering numbers to 10 idea. Fantastic, thanks for sharing. :-)

    • Emma "My Little 3 and Me" Smith says

      That is a really valid point Mama Carmody, thanks for your thoughts. I myself am often just snatching the odd minute here and there to look things up on the web and like you said those times are not always appropriate for watching a clip. Thanks again. :-)

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