Snow Painting

We all make snowmen which is great fun but how about ringing the changes and making a different character?  Snow painting open up a whole world of possibilities! What about a snow-dog, a snow-dragon, a snow-penguin, a snow-teddy or even a snow-mummy or daddy! The possibilities are endless!

We’ve been busy in the garden snow painting to make a snow cat that Biscuit and Crumb decided to call Tabitha. We painted her with simple poster paint but mixed up powder paint would work just as well too.

The children loved how it brought their character to life. Say hello to Tabitha the Snowcat, our new pet.Have fun SNOW PAINTING, a fabulous winter activity for kids.

Biscuit and Crumb Proud Of Their Work
Biscuit and Crumb Proud Of Their Work

We’d love to hear all about your snow creations too.

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    • Emma (My Little 3 and Me) says

      Thanks Fi. Your site is full of wonderful ideas too, I’m now following you on Twitter and Facebook; I’m so glad you popped by. :-)

    • Emma (My Little 3 and Me) says

      Thanks Glenda. I’m really hoping for lots more snow, the smalls want to try making an igloo next!

    • Emma (My Little 3 and Me) says

      Miaow! He’s certainly looking a bit floppy this morning, it must have rained a little in the night. :-(

  1. says

    Oh that is amazing – I love it! We haven’t had much snow yet, but I am still living in hope, thanks so much for adding this to the outdoor play link & I’m looking forward to exploring your blog today :) Kierna

    • Emma (My Little 3 and Me) says

      It’s lovely that you’ve dropped by to say you like it, thankyou. The boys have been so excited reading people’s reactions, they feel really proud. We’ve been snow painting for years, my mum started it off when I was young! x

  2. says

    That is fantastic! So much fun. I bet your children will remember that for a long time to come. We just have a rather large snowman who is currently wearing my hat and scarf.

    • Emma (My Little 3 and Me) says

      I remember doing snow painting with my mum so I hope my boys will remember it too. Your snowman sounds lovely, I bet your little one thinks it’s lovely.

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