Seasonal Snow Shakers

Make WINTER SENSORY BOTTLES - fun exploration for babies and toddlers.

Seasonal bottles are great to look at, play with and chat about. Children enjoy relating what they can see in the bottle to what’s been going on in their world. Ours are full of snowy things at the moment but pretty much anything can go in them. Have fun and take your children’s lead, I bet they’ve got loads of ideas of things to pop inside and it will certainly give them lots to chatter about.

Snow Painting

Have fun SNOW PAINTING, a fabulous winter activity for kids.

We’ve been busy in the garden making a snow cat that Biscuit and Crumb decided to call Tabitha. We painted her with simple poster paint but mixed up powder paint would work just as well too.
The children loved how it brought their character to life. Say hello to Tabitha the Snowcat, our new pet.