Quick Spider Decorations

A work colleague asked me how I would make spider decorations if I needed lots in a hurry perhaps for Halloween or for bringing Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider to life for a pre-school class.

I needed something that could be made quickly, easily, cheaply and in bulk and I think I’ve come up with just the thing.

All you need for these spider decorations are some sheets of A4 black and white paper and some (optional) googly eyes and glue. These spiders start from a folded sheet of A4 paper which enables you to easily make eight at a time, per A4 sheet, so they are really quick and economical too. The webs can easily be doubled up for cutting them out too so it really keeps your preparation and creation time to literally just a few minutes. So before you know it you can snip out enough for a whole class to enjoy singing and playing Incy Wincy (Itsy Bitsy) Spider.

We think these spider decorations are really cute for Halloween too and I know my children will adore┬ámaking lots and lots and popping them up all around the house. A little piece of something like Blu Tack is all you need to fix them to walls, doors or windows without the risk of leaving any nasty marks. I’ll also be cutting some out to make table decorations so that my tempting Halloween treat table is totally spooky-tastic!Make Really-Quick-Spider Decorations. Great For Halloween Or Incy Wincy Spider Song Props.

I thought the clearest way to show you how these were made was to make a quick video which you can view below. You’ll be able to see how really quick and easy it is to make up a whole batch of Incy Wincy Spider Decorations.

Thanks for watching and Happy Halloween!

You might also like our cute Incy Wincy Spider Play Set, great if you’ve got a little bit more time for creating.

Make an Incy Wincy Spider Play Set to bring the rhyme to life. From my Little 3 and Me
Make an Incy Wincy Spider Play Set to bring the rhyme to life.

We’ve also been looking at an amazing Wolf ┬áSpider carrying her babies on her back. If you’re not too creeped out by spiders then you might enjoy taking a peek!!!

Look at an amazing Wolf Spider carrying her babies on her back in this video by My Little 3 and Me

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